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YUYO supports the inspirational team at Yurie Yoshimi Primary School in Uganda as it seeks to provide young people with education, wellbeing and a bright sustainable future. The school has an amazing impact on the whole community giving hope to all especially those impacted by disability, HIV and AIDS.

£5 pays for a child to have lunch for a month

£5 pays for a child to have lunch for a month

Just £5 pays for a child to have a highly nutritious lunch for a MONTH!

£15 buys a piglet. Piglets eat the leftover scraps and, when fully grown, sell for over £50 which covers a teacher’s salary for a month!

£20 a month provides for a child’s education (boarding, uniform, scholastics etc) as well as their health and nutrition.

£50 enables a teacher at Yurie Yoshimi to be paid their worth. They are an inspirational team and by supporting them, you are encouraging the amazing potential within the children to shine!

We can provide this through education, helping individuals and families to grow their own crops and providing livelihoods through teaching vocational skills and raising livestock.

Your support is so valued

Your support is so valued

YUYO has an amazing sponsorship programme that enables 100% of any money that you give to help in these areas. The money goes straight to Yurie Yoshimi and is used to fund nutritional food, education and teachers, training vocational skills and buying livestock. Through programmes such as this, people within the whole community but especially the children benefit.

You can also give on-off donations and we can let you know exactly what your money has funded. Just fantastic!

If you’d like to sponsor a child, we encourage friendship and support to build through pen pal letters and to keep relationships equal between donor and recipient, money is donated without the child knowing. This money provides them with education, healthcare, nutrition and uniform. Any surplus will go towards supporting other children too.

Registered Charity Number: 1135284

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